Our company performs service supplier in health, Health Surveillance and Business management in any segment, market prospecting and new business:

- Audits Good manufacturing practice (GMP), Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP) in national and international companies.

- Design and implementation for pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics, pharmaceutical ingredients, foods and health products in the model of Good manufacturing practice (GMP).

- Equipment Qualifications.

- Validation processes.

- Certification of companies in Good manufacturing practice (GMP) and Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP).

- Qualification of suppliers and outsourced.

- Assistance in drafting Manuals of Good manufacturing practice and Manual of quality.

- Structuring Quality Systems warranty.

- Management of Quality Systems.

- Analysis and Management Health Risk drugs / products and processes.

- Registration / Register of products for health in ANVISA.

- Registration / Notification of drugs in ANVISA.

- Registration / Notification of cosmetics in ANVISA.

- Preparation of technical advice in matters pertinent to health legislation.

- Administrative resources towards Health Surveillance (Notice of Violation, Penalty Fines and prohibitions).

- Regularization companies towards organs of Health Surveillance.

- Consulting in quality management in the context of healthcare.

- Study and Evaluation Price of Drugs herein ANVISA.

- Technical translations in languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.

We also work:

INMETRO - National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology
INPEMs - Institutes of Weights and Measures.
REBLAS laboratories
Clinical Research